Start-up Marketing Initiative

Designed to get start-ups off of the ground.

Designed to get start-ups off of the ground.


Your Start-up deserves to soar...

Small businesses are the life-blood of our economy but sadly many start-ups across America never even make it to the "small business" stage. Most start-ups tend to fall short in the realm of online marketing, which is a key component to driving customer flow. Without steady customer flow start-ups will never grow to become well established businesses. 

In an effort to help start-ups across America, the Start-up Lift Off Package was created to help facilitate the growth process of a start-up by building a strong online presence.

The Lift Off package offers collaboration with an expert marketing consultant who will help start-up owners mold their brand image to one that customers can identify and connect with. 

Through the Start-up Lift Off Package Sigmasolution aims help all start-up clients reach the the goal of progressing to a larger small business, with the possibility of progressing to the small business Growth Packages.